Traveling Hanger for Railroad, Ocean Liner c1915

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What could be neater than this? Folded together, it's a small rectangular box is a mystery. Open it up and it's a hanger, designed and made for your trip on the Orient Express. Or the Queen Mary. Or maybe your next bi-plane flight to Zanzibar. Nice and heavy, yet so portable it can fit into your pocket. Marked: TRADE MIDGET MARK Pat. Jan. 7, 1913. It's in original condition and works beautifully. It looks to be nickel plated. It could use a polishing, which might lift the dark spots out if they are tarnish. If they are plating worn off, the polishing won't help that but it will bring the metal to a nice sheen. Closed, the hanger is a mere 2 3/4"L X 7/8"W; fully opened, it telescopes out to a serviceable 17" wingspan. Rudolph Valentino would have depended on it; Fred Astaire would have done a dance in celebration of it; Cole Porter would have gotten a kick out of it. You will, too.

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