Miniature Crown Staffordshire Tea Set c1930-50

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Just for fun and to show you how little this sweet tea set is, we put it in front of a regular sized c1845 Lyman of CT pewter coffee pot.  The tea set is tiny, as you can see. The set is also absolutey beautiful, with colorful, precise hand painting done by the artist.  The motif is Oriental; the enamels are crisp and true to color, barely touched by time.  The teapot is marked as Early Bone China Crown Staffordshire Est. 1801, Made in England, with the number 5556, the artist's identification number.  The creamer and sugar are marked much the same, but without the "Early Bone China". In lovely condition with one imperfection: a chip along the rim of the sugar bowl, near the side handle.  The chip is small and unobtrusive. I've owned the set for quite a while and never even saw it until I took pictures of it. The flash of the camera makes any flaw vivid, I'm afraid.  Teapot 2 3/4"W X about 2 1/4"H including the finial of the lid; creamer 1 1/2"W X 1 1/8"H; sugar 1 2/8"/w /x 1 3/4"H.  Marks are clear, distinct and easy to read.

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