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Vintage Boy's Football Pants c1940 by MacGregor-Goldsmith

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These rough & tumble football pants were once worn by a rough & tumble little boy, and the pants bear the proof.  Grass stains, dirt marks and a large rip on the rear.  This was a kid serious about his sport - just the kind of kid we love.  From a vintage football uniform made by the reknown MacGregory-Goldsmith company, known for their quality sporting goods.  The company had its roots in Dayton, OH in 1829 and in the 1870s was joined by MacGregor.  Other partners came into the firm during subsequent decades, and in 1897, known as the Crawford, McGregor & Canby Company, they became the first American manufacturer of golf clubs.  In the 30s, Goldsmith Company acquired the firm, forming MacGregor-Goldsmith.

These boy's pants have the same serious detail given to men's football pants during that era.  They have slatted padding in the thigh areas, as well as slatted padding that extends upward around the hip and kidney region.  They have a lace-up front with its a lace that is most likely a replacement, although not a recent replacement.  The front opening is reinforced with straps and a buckle. The woven manufacturer's label remains sewn to the interior. It says MacGregory Goldsmith, Cincinnati Ohio U.S.A.  Size 28. The pants have a waist that is closer to 24" than to 28", but maybe football pants are worn differently than regular pants. Hips are about 34" and the inseam is 15".  Aside from the soiling, grass stains and the rip in the back, these pants are in pretty good condition. The fabric is strong, sturdy and there is not rot. The quilted padding is still all there and is plush. It still provides protection.