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Book: New American Third Reader 1871

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Hardcover Book: The New American Third Reader by Epes Sargent and Amasa May. E. H. Butler & Co: New American Series.  Published by E. H. Butler & Co, Philadelphia. An interesting look at an early schoolbook, the charm of this particular reader is its cover.  Just as the teachers used to make me cover my schoolbooks in the mid-20th century, Gertie Dell's teacher made her cover her schoolbooks in the 1870s. Gertie took the creative path and covered her book in cotton with a delightful printed pattern on it. A little girl in a sunbonnet offers a posy to a little boy in a marvelous skeleton suit and a wide-brimmed summer hat.  Roses and foliage surround the vignette. 

This is a volume in nice, homey, primitive condition, with wear to the fabric cover and wear to the pages within. Advertising page and following blank page in the front have become detached. But aside from mild attic surface on the reader pages, the soiling is minimal and I can find only a small stain or two. The stitching of the binding is loosened and could use tightening and/or perking up. Illustrations are spared from damage. A charming detail ~ on the inside of the hard covers, you can see first-hand how someone handstitched the fabric to the covers.  A charming look at the education of our forebearers; a charming bit of authentic primitive Americana to decorate your home. 5" X 7.5" X .75"  Shipping by USPS Media Mail