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Victorian Masterpiece ~ Brazilian Beetle in 15-18kt Gold Brooch c1870

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Jewelry design, like art, follows the interests of society. Victorians loved nature and Victorian jewelry designers incorporated forms of nature into their pieces. Carapaces of the beautifully iridescent green beetles from South America became popular jewelry components c1860, and remained so throughout the Victorian era and into the Art Deco Egyptian Revival period. Not only were these beetles popular for their compact, diminutive size and their vibrant color, it was a feat, during that early time, to import them from South America. This added to their desirability.

Our brooch is an Aesthetic Period piece, made c1870. The gold is unmarked and tests to solid 15-18kt gold. The brooch's motif is strictly Nature, with the beetle resting on the golden stem of a flower, amid golden leaves. The detail in this brooch is absolutely breathtaking. Each leaf is veined and textured, just as Mother Nature would have done. The petals and stamen of the flower are lovingly rendered in 3-dimension quality, and the beetle sports golden antennae with the tiniest of garnets at the bases of both antennae. In fact, this pin is a miracle of detail.

In very fine condition, with a bit of soldering evident at the back, where the pin shaft must have been reinforced early on. The brooch measures 2"W X 1 5/8"T.  Free USA Shipping, Handling, Insurance