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Bisque & Leather Doll with her Wardrobe c1900

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Directly from her original family, this lovely old doll stands an impressive 18" tall. You see her perched primly upon everything she owns in this world. She guards every stitch with her life and will give nothing up. Having lost her lace collar, in which she is seen in one of our photos, she's not taking any more chances.  She came to us wearing it all ~ a plain chemise & pantaloons of sheeting, a full slip of plain weave cotton with textural lines woven in and lace trim, with a back closure with no buttons or fastenings as made; a simple muslin petticoat with back closure, no fastening as made; a cotton skirt in a fantastic print, blue on ecru, and a bodice in matching fabric with mother of pearls buttons at closure and silk ribbons decorating the sleeve hems. (Examples of similar fabric, which dates to 1860-80, can been seen in book Dating Fabrics: A Color Guide 1800-1960, Trestain, American Quilter's Society 1998.)  She also came with a length of very pretty silk taffeta tartan ribbon, 24" X 1 5/8".

This doll has the look of a Kestner, an Armand Marseille or a Belton ~ might be French but most likely German. Her head & plate are in outstanding condition. We can find no maker's marks on her, other than the paper label you see in our photo. The label has handwritten 1101/1500 over 5. She has pretty blue glass eyes and white teeth. Her face is hand painted and her hair feels like mohair. It's a shorn mess,though, poor girl.

The doll is in good condition. Bisque head & shoulder plate are in very fine condition with a bit of soiling the only flaw. It looks like someone took a lawn mower to her hair. I can only imagine how she must feel!  Her eyes & teeth are original and excellent. The hand painting on her face is original and very nice. Leather body is gently soiled overall but OK, without stiffness or decay. She's a bit unstuffed about the waist and her torso is wrapped in old fabric strips, not to hold anything together but seemingly to fill it out so her clothing would fit better. Her jointed extremities work although her legs are somewhat stiff. Her right hand has wear to the middle finger; her left hand is missing part of thumb and ring finger. Cotton socks & leather shoes, each shoe with 5 impressed on bottom. Each shoe pinned in place at heel. Clothing is in good condition with a few soil spots, some mild storage and age dots. All pieces could use a gentle wash.  *SOLD*