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Bowl with Stapled Repair 19thC

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The first picture shows you a line of 3 huge bowls. We're talking about the bowl first in line, at the bottom and in the front of the line. A marvelous bowl, absolutely H U G E!  20 1/2" X 19 1/2" X 6 1/2”H

Everything about this bowl is fabulous.  First of all, I bought it directly from the family that made it and owned it.  Generations ago, here in upstate New York.  An ancestor made this bowl at some point in the second half of the 19th century, and it has been in the family and USED from then until about a year ago. It has been in the house's pantry since then, collecting dust and feeling alone and forlorn.  Secondly, the bowl is oversized and beautifully, albeit slightly, out of round.  Proof of its lengthy existence.  Third, the bowl has suffered a crack from use and over-use and age and over-age.  And the crack has been repaired with a line of thick, old metal staples.  I wrote a piece, years ago, about the value of imperfection.  I wrote about repairs like this one, non-professional and homemade, and how much that sort of repair tells us about the society of that time.  Our natural inclination is to make comparisons and to departmentalize the outcomes in our minds.  Repairs such as this show us clearly how precious each piece was to its owner, mostly because it was the owner that made the piece.  When we put our time, energy and efforts into the creation of a certain thing, we tend to watch over it, care for it and do anything to prolong its life.