Rag Rug with Pink c1885 *

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Pretty pinks and purples in a graceful, softly colorful weave make for a lovely antique rag rug. I bought several rag rugs from an upstate NY New England Shaker collection about 30 years ago (or more). The collector had died and her estate was being dispersed. This rug was in her collection. Having no paperwork to prove that it is Shaker, I researched. In addition to many other references, my main one was Beverly Gordon's book, Shaker Textile Arts (University Press of New England), in which she explained the 4 characteristics proving Shaker origin. Our rag rug ticks 3 or the 4 boxes: it has a repeating design throughout; the style of its weave; the thickness/thinness of the rag stripes. The 4th characteristic I can't readily find ~ the binding along the edge. Due to my lack of provenance & proof, I am pricing these rugs not as Shaker, but as, simply, great early rag rugs.

This rag rug measures 54" X 33". It is done in the iconic Shaker pink and purple, a beautiful, subdued blue, soft creams and sands. A darker brown provides the contrast that makes the design so powerful. The rug is in outstanding condition and even (miraculously) has most of its fringe on either end. This is one of the Shaker rag rugs that I used as a table mat, specifically for our harvest table in the dining room at Home Farm.  Originally $300.00, now $200.00.

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