# Clothes Pins Depression Era

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The first time I saw clothespins as folk art (yes, they were plain old American hand carved, home made clothespins) was in the late 20th century. I visited Marna Anderson's antiques gallery in the Mid-Hudson Valley of NYS and saw 4 clothespins mounted on a stand. They were striking, I had to admit. I never forgot them and I never thought of the clothespin in the same way after that.

These three clothespins are striking, too. They are full of worm holes and rust around the iron bands that hold them together. They are made of hand carved wooden twigs chiseled into shape. Iron bands are riveted together, holding the legs of the clothespin. Two pins are functional; one is nice for display, as its end is still closed and it doesn't function as a clothespin. All in all, a fun tip of the hat to the ladies who laundered before the days of the dryer. Just around 5" long.

The colorful patchwork doll quilt is not included, but is being sold separately.

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