Erma Jane, Doll w/ Bisque Head Signed AM 1894

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A very sweet antique doll. The hand painted bisque head is signed 1894, AM 3/0DEP Made in Germany. Clean, unblemished and hand painted as nicely as you would expect every Armand Marseille head to be. The doll has an open mouthed smile which shows off her teeth. She has no pate and no wig. Her head is attached to an odd body and this odd body is what makes this doll exceptional and so endearing. The torso is made of a composition. You can see the mold seam running down center front and back. The torso was whitewashed. Someone wrote the name Erma Jane across the rib cage. On the torso back, someone wrote Back. The legs have mold seams showing down the center of the front and the back. The mold did not come out very smoothly and makes the legs look almost hand carved. They are painted flesh tone. The same can be said of the arms. An amateurish stringing was done to hold Erma Jane together. The elastic holding on her head needs help. Erma Jane is about 13 1/2" tall. She is in overall fine condition, with no breaks or cracks other than what happened in the original mold on her composition parts. Her head is just about perfect, except there is no pate and no wig. Erma Jane has a lot of personality for such a little body.

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