Original Cased Cee-Lo Dice c1920

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The game of Cee-Lo was a gambling game with 3 dice. This is a nice, formal set of Cee-Lo dice in the original fitted, hinged box.

A game that started in China, Cee-Lo reached its height of popularity by the 1890s. Cee-Lo seems to be a distinctive gambling game in that it is ambiguous, with at least three sets of rules, the use of which is apparently determined by who is playing it, who is the banker, the area in which it is being played, etc.

This particular cased die set was found in Marlborough, England.  In America the Cee-Lo game is often spelled as See-Low and it is played on the street corners of cities. In fact, since the 1990s, many hip hoppers have mentioned Cee-Lo in their rap songs. There is a lingering question as to the legality of the game, and this is dependent mainly on the area in which it is played, and whether it is played to financially benefit one of the players.

Our dice case is about 2" long and approximately 1 1/2" high. The box and the dice are both in very good condition.

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